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PRIMARY APPLICANT NAME: ________________________________________________ ___________________
SECONDARY APPLICANT NAME: __________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________
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PHONE#: ____________________ (Cell) ___________________ (Work) ____________________
DATE OF BIRTH (Self): _________________________ DATE OF BIRTH (Spouse): ___________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS(S): ___________________________________, _______________________________________
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: __________________________________________________________________,
____________________________________________, ______________________________________________,
____________________________________________, _______________________________________________
Have you been a Turner Member before? ____¬ If Yes: Location: ______________________¬ Last year _____
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NOTE: This application does not guarantee children’s eligibility for playing sports. This is decided by availability on teams and seniority of membership.

When submitting your application, the fee of $150.00 must be attached. This includes $25.00 application fee. Your annual dues are $125.00 per person or per family (with children under the age of 18). Dues are due annually on October 1st and are considered delinquent November 1st, at which time, a $75.00 late fee will be assessed.

Your application will be read at the next board meeting and voted on at the following board meeting. You will then be contacted to come and be sworn in at the following board meeting. You will receive your key card(s) at that time. The Primary Applicant’s membership card will follow in the mail when we receive it from our National office.

You must be sponsored by two current members:

NAME OF SPONSOR: __________________________________ Signature: ____________________________

NAME OF SPONSOR: __________________________________ Signature: ____________________________

I hereby apply for membership in the Covington Turners Society, Inc., and promise to strictly observe the general principles and statutes of the American Turners, as well as the statutes of the Central States District and those of the above society.

SIGNATURE OF PRIMARY APPLICANT: ___________________________________________¬ DATE: __________

SIGNATURE OF SECONDARY APPLICANT: ________________________________________ DATE: ___________
Below to be completed by Turners Membership Committee:
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