NOVEMBER 2017 Newsletter

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If your email has changed, please contact Kim at 859.322.4436 or to update our records as this is our main form of communication with you.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD OR TEENAGER YOUR CARD. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member. Once they are 18 they may join as an individual member. Your children may bring an occasional guest. Children are not permitted in the workout area or behind the bar.

Board meetings are every third Monday and begin at 7:00pm. The next meeting will be November 20th. Members are encouraged to attend and especially if you have something you would like to address with the club.

1. All parents are asked to help work the door. Door workers will be needed for all games, please see Knux about helping out with this.
2. There will be a dedication ceremony on November 11th after the third game of the morning, which is typically around 11am. Our floor was recently re-finished and we added 2 of our long time coaches/members names to the floor. Coach Fred Terry and Coach Butch Brownfield will be honored at the dedication. All are encouraged to join in the dedication.
3. INSTRUCTIONAL BASKETBALL will also start on November 11th. Practice starts at 4:30 pm
4. FRONT DOOR, for the safety of everyone at the club we ask that you walk your children into the club for basketball, we cannot prop the door open as it leaves the bar area vulnerable to anyone who walks in.

Sunday, November 26th: Chili Cookoff – Starts at 1:00pm, Chili participants are asked to bring your chili in by 12:30 – Sign Up Sheet in the bar. Members only.

Sunday, December 10th: Kids Christmas Party – 2:00-4:00pm – for children 12 and under, sign-ups in the bar. Members only please.

Sunday, February 4th: Super Bowl Sunday – Super Bowl Shawn-Day.
 Turners will be hosting a fundraiser for Shawn Garnett, more details to follow but we are in need of donations, auction items, etcetera for the event. Please see Robbie Taylor to help out.

The 2017 Rat Race was a huge success, thanks to all who made it happen, this year the event made $10,942.00. Not bad for the rainy weather. This is Covington Turners biggest fundraiser of the year.

The childrens Halloween Party was a huge success, thanks to those who made it a great event for our little ghosts and gobblins.

The 20 year Party was also a wonderful event and a huge undertaking. Thank you to all those who made this such a great event, a great time was had by all once again.

If you are signing an application for prospective new member, please remind them to include a check for $140 with the application. Please note that $25 Processing Fee and $115 Dues.
 Lindsey & Greg Ruyak Mathew & Inga Wibberley
 David & Toni Hartman Braydon Erpenbeck
 Laurie & Patrick Delaney April & Bryan Baker

Our Girls Youth basketball director, Doug Bosse, will be stepping down as director. Thanks to Doug for his many years of service, hard work and time spent on the Girls Youth Basketball Program. Doug has done an outstanding job and will always be around to guide and mentor the new director. If you have questions or are interested please contact Mark “Knux” Knochleman or Doug Bosse.

SAVE THE DATE – June 2, 2018
Thanks to the success of this years first annual Covington Turners Golf Outing, we will have the Second Annual Covington Turners Golf Outing on June 2nd of 2018.
This years golf outing raised over $3,200 for our club which will be used for general maintenance/upkeep.
Thanks to all that made this possible.

Please see Tony Wahl if interested in this monthly drawing. Please do not sign yourself on the split the pot board. Cost is $5.00 per month. You can sign up for as many or as few months as you like.
Congrats to the October split the pot winners:
 Gary & Debbie Haynes $192.50

GET WELL WISHES - Shawn Garnett, Jimmy Ferguson, Bob Johnson, & Carol Devenny

Our deepest condolences to Eddy & Charlie Houston on the passing of their sister.

If you are having issues with your key card, please contact Linda Houston at 859.468.9353. If you lose it, please notify Linda Houston immediately so it may be deactivated. To replace a card is $15.00

Remember that we are a Smoke Free facility. You must go outside on the deck or to the garden if you would like to smoke. Also, please do not stand in the doorway.

Please know that only members are permitted in our weight room and gym. No guests are permitted. Please respect your club and fellow members and return your weights to the proper place prior to leaving your machine/equipment. If you are the last person to leave, please turn off all lights. Locker Dues are due now! Put $3.00 in an envelope with your name on it and put in the safe.

Our ladder is still missing from the club, we need the ladder for several maintenance tasks, if you have the ladder or know its whereabouts please return it to the club. Thanks.

Please know that our club hours are from 6:00am to 1:00am. No one should be in the club between the hours of 1:00am and 6:00am. If you are the last one to leave, please turn off all lights.

We do our best to recognize our members dealing with death and illness but do not always know and do not intentionally exclude anyone. If you have something to share please contact Mark Knochelman at 322.4454

The third floor and outside garden are available for parties and special events. The cost is $250. Turner's will keep $150 and the other $100 will be applied to the cost of beer, soft drinks and water that must be purchased from the club. Beer is $30 per case and water and soft drinks are $12 per case. You must furnish your own ice and any food you want to serve. No bands are permitted. No helium balloons are permitted on the third floor. You will find an application behind the bar at the club and soon to be available on line. Contact Linda Houston at 859.468.9353.

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See you at The Club!